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This one time when I was just feeling generally sad and depressed and I was trying to fall asleep, I just played “Hakuna Matata” on loop; I may have cried, but it was the rare kind of crying where I almost felt lighter—and I laughed at the same time—and it didn’t make anything really all that better, but for some reason it was comfort without really solving anything I was feeling.

Maybe I should do that again.

shyloudpanda said: The teasing will stop, you just have to ignore it. Yes it will be tough, but it will end, you can’t let them get to you like that. I had a similar event happen to me and everything turned out surprisingly fine.

Ugh I love youu :)
Haha sorry but thanks for responding to my venting; I’ve calmed down about it a bit now, but I’ll just have to talk to her and see if things will turn out okay. Thanks again.

Ugh I never thought I’d be involved in all this drama n’ stuff…

My day was really bad today; this one girl went around telling everyone who my maybe-crush is, and now I’m afraid my crush might have found out…
Then my teachers had a talk with me about it and told me I should talk to my crush directly about it, and I felt awkward because that was not a conversation I envisioned myself having with my GSA teacher and my second least favorite teacher.

I’m now sitting here and eating ice cream trying to make my stomach stop feeling like it has a gaping hole in it

…I really don’t know what I’m supposed to do now. I won’t be able to think for the rest of the day; hopefully I do get to talk to her tomorrow, and I hope she doesn’t feel too weird or awkward.

…I also hope the non-friendly teasing doesn’t start.

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